“Visiting Nato”

On October 28th of 2023, a creative evening “Visiting Nato” organized  the Georgian Chamber of Culture  held at the Tbilisi State Concert Hall, dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the stage work of composer, poet and author-performer Nato Gelashvili.

Nato Gelashvili graduated from Tbilisi State Conservatory’s choral-conducting faculty in 1998 and She has been teaching since 1991. She has recorded albums: “I want to sing you again” (2000); “Queen of Flowers” (2000); “I loved one man” (2001); “Thank you”(2002); “I love you very much” (2004); “Blooms when almonds” (2006).

All her songs are based on her own poems. She is the author of the collection of poems “One Woman’s Story” (2007), “Hold My Hand” (2023).

The anniversary evening  filled with love and deep emotion, which Nato Gelashvili, her friends and colleagues  set with her songs. Musical hits of Nato Gelashvili were performed in unison by the whole concert hall. At the end of the evening, organized by the Georgian Chamber of Culture, a star named after Nato Gelashvili  unveiled on the “Star Avenue” adjacent to the Tbilisi State Concert Hall.

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