Opening of the star named after Gio Khutsishvili

On May 29th of 2018, a concert of the famous singer Gio Khutsishvili was held in the Tbilisi state concert hall under the name – “Tbilisi is a relationship”. The concert was organized by the Georgian Chamber of Culture with the help of the Tbilisi city hall. The producer of the concert was, Zurab Makhniashvili, the director was, Bakur Bakuradze. The singers who participated were: Maya Jorjadze, Nato Gelashvili, Lela Tsurtsumia, Maya Jabua, Tamriko Chokhonelidze, Eka Kakhiani, Nukri Kapanadze, Eka Chachiashvili, Merab Sefashvili, Temur Tatarashvili, Davit Gomarteli, Datuna Sirbiladze, Davit Evgenidze, Zuka and Nodar Khutsishvili, ensembles “Forte” and ” შვიდკაცა”.

Gio Khutsishvili sang together with his son and his wife and dedicated many songs to his fans. During the concert, he noted, “I want to meet all these people and say thank you, for everything, thank you very much for this kind of love…”

At the end of the concert in front of the Tbilisi state concert hall, the honorary star of Gio Khutsishvili was opened by the philanthropist Bidzina Ivanishvili.

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