Opening of Rostom Gogoladze and ensemble “Sagalobeli” named star

Ensemble “Sagalobeli”  has its 50 year jubilee!


The Ambrolauri Cultural Center hosted the “Sagalobeli” ensemble’s anniversary event on August 20th of 2018.


In 1972 Rostom Gogoladze established the group “Sagalobeli”. The group took part in several international and national festivals under his direction; Members of the ensemble received a variety of medals, titles, and honors. The group’s founder, Rostom Gogoladze, a Knight of the Order of Honor recipient, state prize winner, and champion of Georgian singing, continues to serve as the group’s director.


The “Sagalobeli” ensemble consists of twenty singers representing both the younger and older generations. The group’s repertoire mostly consists of Georgian traditional tunes from Racha and other regions; About 200 songs have been edited. The ensemble recorded and released CDs. Rostom Gogoladze and his family members are still actively engaged in creative work


The “Sagalobeli” ensemble and Rostom Gogoladze were honored with a star at the end of the event, which was unveiled close to the Ambrolauri House of Culture.

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