R.O x Konoba in Kutaisi

The Movement firm, the Georgian Chamber of Culture, and the Kutaisi Municipality City Hall arranged for the Konoba x R.O duo to visit Kutaisi on October 20.



✦ R.O x Konoba is a Brussels-based alternative sound band that combines pop melodies with melancholy vocals, instruments and machines, dreams and reality. James Blake, Radiohead, The Beatles, Alt-J, Cinematic Orchestra, and Bonobo are some the artists that influenced them.


✦ Daniell

Georgian DJ and producer Giorgi Tsofurashvili began his career in 2012 and has since gone through several phases. The particular project consists of a variety of electronic dance music sounds, primarily techno and other related subgenres. His sets are characterized by the blending and diversity of many genres, nearly never sounding the same as he strives to fit the music to the dance floor and environment.


✦ Tade

2012 saw the release of tracks by Georgian producer and DJ on UNDERYOURSKIN RECORDS, which garnered favorable reviews, after his debut release on Canadian label DASH DEEP RECORDS.

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